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Children's Museum of Naples

P.O. Box 2423
Naples, FL 34106

239-784-1879 (p)

Contact: Carrie Cutchens, Curator, ccutchens@cmon.org


10 New Exhibits

Project Size: 25,000 sq. ft.
Project Budget: 15 million
Spring 2008

Exhibit/Project Description:
The Children's Museum of Naples (C'mon) will feature 10 new, sustainably designed exhibits when the museum opens in spring 2008. The entire exhibit experience will center on an awareness of the environment, what it can offer families and how it can be sustained for future generations. The heart of the exhibit experience is central The Banyan Tree and Tree House. Other exhibits planned include At the Beach, Beautiful Outdoors, The Company Farm, The Four Seasons, Journey Through the Everglades, Space Kidettes, The Street and Green Construction.

Factors Affecting Decision to "Go Green":
The museum's mission is "to provide an exciting, inspiring environment where children and families play, learn and dream together." The Board of Directors recognized that in order to meet this mission, the museum needed to have long term commitments to living green, building green and teaching green. The museum's ability to reduce the amount of toxic materials in a child's environment were central to the museum's decision to develop green exhibits in a green building.

Distinguishing green features:

  • Zero to low VOC paints, finishes, stains.
  • Low emitting adhesives, carpets
  • Sustainably harvested, certified woods
  • Locally manufactured materials (20%)
  • Rapidly renewable materials
  • A Recycle Center to promote the reuse of waste materials

Piece of advice for others regarding project:
Integrate green design principles as early as possible!