Things to Remember

Keep Innovating

The exciting thing about sustainable design is that there are so many opportunities to work differently, experiment and mess around. The best ideas often come from mucking about. With an array of new materials to choose from, your designers and builders have a whole new palette. Keep innovating and have fun.

Understand and Accept the Learning Curve

Recognize that change is messy, difficult and often takes extra vigilance, materials, and time. There are no perfect models, and institutions must commit to looking for new solutions, new ways of thinking, and reserving some capital in order for sustainability to happen.

Overcoming Institutional Resistance to Change

Fostering sustainable behavior means people have to change. This is something that takes time, and requires patience. It's important to keep the goals in mind at every step of the process and to reward people's efforts, however big or small. Keep a copy of Fostering Sustainable Behavior in your museum's library.

Share Your Knowledge

If you find a new material, application or approach, let other people know about it. Send your results to , so we can keep building the momentum that has begun within our field