Green Buildings Case Studies


995 Carousel Way
Helena MT, 59601

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Contact: Devon Lawson, Director of Programs & Exhibits, 406-457-1800 EXT: 2,

Architect: Jeff Downhour, Mosaic Architecture
Building Size: 13,500 sq. ft.
Project Budget: $2.5 million,
Opening Date: November 2007
LEED Certification: Attempting Silver

About ExplorationWork's Sustainable Expansion Project:
The new ExplorationWorks Museum of Science and Culture is designed to use and showcase sustainable building practices and renewable energy technologies, and therefore, it will use 60 percent less energy than other commercial buildings of its size. The ExplorationWorks building will be an educational exhibit demonstrating these technologies and energy-efficient practices. Interpretive signs, portholes revealing sustainable technologies and processes, and other exhibits and programming will showcase the feasibility of sustainable building design and operation.


The Museum's Decision to Go Green:
As a public educational facility we have a unique opportunity, and given our organizational mission and values, a responsibility, to minimize our environmental impact and to educate the public about renewable resources, sustainable design, energy efficiency and renewable energy resources.  It is important to us to provide our employees and the families and students who spend time here with a clean and healthy indoor environment.

Project's Distinguishing Features:

  • Energy efficient strategies implemented in the building’s design include:
  • Super-insulated building shell,
  • Grid-tied solar systems
  • In-floor radiant slab driven by a high efficiency boiler that is augmented by the solar hot water panels
  • Wind turbines
  • Passive solar design,
  • Evaporative cooling towers
  • Integrated day lighting/artificial lighting systems
  • High-efficiency mechanical component