Children, Health and the Environment

  • EPA- The Inside Story: A guide to Indoor air Quality”:
  • Preventing Harm- A resource and action center on children and the environment, teaches about the impact of toxins on the developmental processes of children.


Green Exhibits and Sustainable Design

  • Architecture 2030- Focused on combating global warming by changing the building industry, Architecture 2030 teaches about the affects of climate change and building initiatives that can help negate those affects:
  • Created by co-author of The Green Museum: A Primer on Environmental Practice, this site holds suggestions for making museums more sustainable as well as links to articles and sites which focus on greening the museum world:
  • Congress for a New Urbanism- As an organization dedicated to community based development, their site features publications and reports on urban planning, as well as a project database:
  • Design: E2- This site contains a PBS sustainable building series narrated by Brad Pitt:
  • Environmental Design + Construction Magazine- A magazine for green building and design:
  • Green Design Wiki- Dedicated to gathering information pertaining to green exhibit design, this site allows readers to submit and review articles on various topics in the realm of green exhibits:
  • Green Museums Wiki- Based on uniting museums and sustainability, the Green Museums Wiki gives museums with green initiatives a way to communicate:
  • Greener Buildings- Find articles on architecture and design, building materials, energy use and water use on this resource center for development:
  • Reusable Resources Association- This site is focused on connecting businesses with educators to promote the use of reusable resources in education and creative play:
  • The Sustainable Communities Network- SCN is focused on creating rural and urban community sustainability. Organizations and publications oriented around smart growth and sustainable community development can be found on SCN’s site:


Building Materials and Products

  • Amicus Green Building Center- As well as offering design consultation and energy analysis, Amicus Green Building Center sells a wide range of green building materials.
  • Building Green, LLC- Focused on whole-systems design, Building Green provides resources for green building and design:
  • CRI Green Label Testing Program- Provides indoor air quality standards for carpeting and rugs:
  • Eco Business Links-This site will help locate manufacturers of sustainable materials. A great source for finding local dealers:
  • EcoChoices- An Internet shopping store for purchasing many materials and interior furnishings that are earth-friendly:
  • EcoLogo- A Canadian certification program for products in more than 120 categories. Categories range from products used at home and in the office to products used during construction and development:
  • EcoMall- This site lists thousands of eco-friendly products and materials. Easy to navigate:
  • Eco-structure- A magazine about green building. contains links to digital versions of Eco-structure, an excellent source for articles on green building case-studies and products:
  • Green Building Pages- A database for sustainable building materials and design:
  • Green Building Store (UK)- Owned by Environmental Construction Products Ltd, this site provides various products from low flow fixtures to natural insulation:
  • Green Seal- Provides standards for various household products:
  • Habitat for Humanity- Lists building supply resale stores by state:
  • LEED Standards For Interiors:
  • MPI Green Performance Standard for Paints and Coatings:
  • Oikos Green Building Library- provides a product directory for green products, as well as a digital library teaching about various aspects of green products and building practices:
  • University of Wisconsin Solid and Hazardous Waste Center- "Building Green Guide ". Once you get to this site, look for "Building Green Guide: Sustainable Product Choices." (pdf) This terrific and very complete green building guide is available as downloadable document (120 pages) and has an extensive list of national building suppliers, as well as regional distributors for those in the upper Midwest.


Thoughts for Green Living

  • Better World Shopper- This site rates various everyday products, from clothing to chocolate, based on the categories of human rights, the environment, animal protection, community involvement and social justice. A great site for analyzing what you buy:
  • Blue Egg- This site includes ideas for reducing your impact and living green, as well as great quizzes and articles:
  • EcoIQ Magazine- This website exists to help move all fields of inquiry and human activity toward sustainability. Features a speaker's bureau and terrific links:
  • Earth911- An excellent source for learning how to recycle and properly dispose of many products from automotive parts to commonly used household goods. Just enter the product you need to dispose of and your zip code in their search engine and they will find a facility near you:
  • A great site for living green, this site contains building materials, organic fibers, where to find and buy sustainable products, etc:
  • Ecological Footprint- This site features an online quiz to learn about your environmental footprint, from
  • A forum for people to exchange ideas and resources on various topics:
  • Natural Resources Defense Council- This grassroots environmental action group focuses on environmental issues and green living:
  • New American Dream- This site provides many ideas for living more consciously and making a difference as a consumer:
  • Union of Concerned Scientists- Formed as a science-based nonprofit, UCS provides independent scientific analysis to support changes in corporate practices, government policy and consumer decisions:
  • The Green Guide- Created by National Geographic, The Green Guide is a great source for environmental news, tips and tools:


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